Jack Paige's greatest strength as a mediator is his credibility. He is credible with the attorneys because he spent decades representing both plaintiffs and defendants in both workers' compensation and personal injury cases. He is credible with the insurance companies because he knows how they think and he can speak their language. He is credible with clients because he is a warm and decent human being who makes them feel like they have been heard. I have no reservation about recommending Jack Paige as a mediator to my clients and my opposing counsel.
Tim Semelroth, RSH Legal, Cedar Rapids

Jack helped us mediate a complicated workers' compensation and liability claim. There were multiple claims and complicated causation issues. He did a very nice job of working with the parties to help everyone understand the issues and each party's position. He worked hard to achieve a global resolution of these intertwined claims. In the end, he helped us get our case resolved. My practice takes me all over the State of Iowa and I've used many mediators over the years and Jack did as good a job as any of them. I would not hesitate to use him again.
Brian L. Yung, Klass Law Firm, L.L.P., Sioux City

I always enjoy working with Jack in mediation settings. He is always a gentleman, extremely prepared and never in a rush to conclude negotiations. When asked, he will provide his learned opinion on risks my clients will face should they decide to not settle and take a claim to hearing. Without exception, my clients leave mediations conducted by Jack feeling they would hire him again on the next case.
Peter J. Thill, Betty, Neuman & McMahon, P.L.C., Davenport

Jack Paige is a very effective mediator. I have specifically requested Jack in several mediations because of the rapport he is able to develop with my clients. Attorneys and carriers involved in mediation are sophisticated and do not need a mediator who is able to develop a rapport and build trust with them. However mediation is a new and often overwhelming experience to my work comp and civil litigation clients. Jack has been able to gain my clients' trust and build the necessary rapport with my clients, which has helped resolve cases I didn't think would be settled in mediation.
Sara Riley, Tom Riley Law Firm, P.L.C., Cedar Rapids

I have participated in several mediations with Jack over the years. Both work comp and civil cases. Jack has a disposition that is effective with both plaintiffs and defendants. His firm but realistic approach is very successful. I have no hesitation recommending Jack as a mediator.
Joseph D. Thornton, Smith Peterson Law Firm, Council Bluffs

Jack Paige is an outstanding mediator. He first establishes a strong rapport with the parties. He then quickly addresses the contested issues to help the parties move toward resolution. He has the experience working with various cases, lawyers and situations that puts the parties at ease. I trust him to do a good job for all sides.
Matt Nagle, Lynch Dallas, P.C., Cedar Rapids

Jack Paige is made for mediation. He is thoughtful, patient, bright and willing to work to get people to see the other side's perspective. This is how he was when he was representing clients, rather than mediating. He has taken those attributes and made them work for all persons and entities affected by mediation. Easy to recommend him.
Martin A. Diaz, Diaz Law Firm, Iowa City

I have used Jack for a number of mediations in the past several years. I have found him to be a great mediator for Iowa Workers' Compensation claims. He is someone who goes above and beyond to keep discussions going. He is not a person who walks numbers back and forth, but interjects his opinion on the case and is good at giving an independent voice to my clients about the pros and cons of a hearing and decision. I would highly recommend him as a mediator.
Niko Pothitakis, Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C., Burlington